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 Posted: Fri Jan 3rd, 2014 10:13 pm
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wondering wrote:
I know this thread is about Booth's gun, but can you tell me why Payne's revolver would misfire, then fall to pieces during a pistol whipping? How many definitions are there for a "misfire" -- pull the trigger again? Could the piece be so badly damaged/fouled, or was it simply wielded with such violence it came apart? I thought that revolver had a reputation for reliability. Thanks much, old friend.

A misfire could be caused by a lot of things such as a bad primer, wet powder,  improperly loaded chamber, not correctly reassembled after a cleaning etc.  The thing falling to pieces during a pistol whipping is a real possibility as the way they were constructed was not really condussive to its use as a club.  The Whitney revolver had an excellent rep as a reliable and robust pistol but it was a pistol not a club.

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