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 Posted: Sat Jan 18th, 2014 06:56 pm
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The war was lost in the West. They couldn't hold New Orleans, the River, Chattanooga, Atlanta, etcetera, save fair Richmond. At Bull Run, Jackson's own rules of engagement should have driven him. The British ambassador in Washington mused they weren't there yet. Them that fired first needed to prove it -- logistics of the supply chain should have long since been primed. Out-numbered, bloodied, brilliant in combat, not put to flight, they held the field. The North was routed, the South needed reserve, resource, resolve. What happened, happened.

Was an opportunity missed? Davis urged them to go, reap early the whirlwind erst endless campaigns, unfashionable attrition. They would need a navy, open ports, fine ambassadors, unpetulant cotton, less Napoleon, more Revolution. Could they have chased the dragon knowing then their eventual fate? 1864 was the last best chance; but never underestimate the common sense of the common man. Meaning no disrespect, when killing countrymen, maybe you balk, then too late. The chance is gone.

Your indulgence as laudanum, I'm addicted to the American Civil War. Amongst the vapors I admit I have a tendency to glorify the last gasp of an era, silver-haired men and shoeless boys at the end. I look at the board, the map, the clock. Was there a chance to turn their flank? I keep wondering. It's a study deep with characters, units, campaigns; questions of politics, geography, law, strategy, supply, ordnance, romance, culture, chivalry, tradition, morality, patriotism. It was also the dawn of photography: you can still see, walk, and reflect on their path.

I detest speculation, over-simplification, what-ifs, but enjoy a good game of stickball behind the pub. Sometimes it's healthy to pitch a spell, even if you're wild. That's how it gets when you ride the pine -- you start thinking you're a poet instead. ;)

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