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 Posted: Thu Jan 30th, 2014 08:48 pm
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Texas Defender wrote:
...  The article explains how the estate was confiscated at the beginning of the war, and how it was used as an instrument of revenge by Quartermaster General Montgomery Meigs (who was a logistical genius). General Meigs' enmity towards Robert E. Lee (And all other Virginians who served the CSA) was probably unmatched among Union generals ...

He was a Southerner who despised secessionists, an American first. Not sure if it was a desire for revenge or simply poetic justice, but his decision to make Arlington the National Cemetery was seminal (a subdivision of condos today if he hadn't? -- thank our lucky stars!). For me, Arlington is still the most reverent place in the entire United States, it breathes history from every stone, the last will and testament for too many (aye, some of mine are there). If she does not bring a tear to your eye, or put a lump in your throat, well ...

Meigs knew it way back then. Despite all that occurred during the war, I'll bet you even R.E. Lee, with that deepest well of character and magnanimity, a true Southern gentleman, would be damned proud of her legacy.

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