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 Posted: Mon Feb 17th, 2014 04:28 pm
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Rebel Yell wrote:
... He did not seek command of the AOP and accepted it as any good soldier would obey orders. He had very little time to "adjust" to his new position and he was facing a basically undefeated opponent.

PvtClewell wrote:
After Cold Harbor, he was criticized in the Philadelphia Inquirer by correspondent Edward Crapsey. Meade had provost marshall Marsena Patrick expel Crapsey from the army. Crapsey was tied to a mule, facing the tail, with a sign that said "Libeler of the Press' on his back and escorted out of camp to the tune of 'Rogue's March.' The media retaliated by never mentioning Meade again unless he could be tied to a Union defeat.

Johnny Huma wrote:
It is true as we have read he was known as
Old Snapping Turtle because of his mean side but he was a quality General. At his counsil of war in Gettysburg he was accused, after the fact, of wanting to retreat by some of his subordinates. A good General always listens to the men below ...

pender wrote:
I think Meade is one of the unsung heros of the union army ... "Lee greeted Meade kindly and then said, but what are you doing with all that grey in your beard? Meade cheerfully shot back, you have to answer for most of it."

Chips down, fates against, he marks the high-tide, wins a great victory. All else regardless, he deserves his seat in the pantheon.

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