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 Posted: Wed Feb 26th, 2014 05:09 am
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In my mom's case it's two out of three. One of us never really paid attention and their cooking isn't exactly what you'd look forward to. In my case folks can praise my cooking but I'll tend to question if their just being kind. I more find problems with it when it's not just for me. Too much salt, too little salt, wasn't cooked long enough, was cooked too long, too much alcohol, too little alcohol, not enough sugar, it's missing something but I can't put my finger on it, too much spice, etc. And then there are times I will be quite proud of what I made and surprise myself at how I comes out.

On that alcohol bit it's usually too much alcohol, like to use brandy in my French toast and strawberry shortcake (there's something else, and not this recipe, but I can't remember at this time what it is). It's one of those things I actually grew up with, you add a little for flavor but be careful how much. This recipe was, as I said, one where I didn't yet have an understanding of what the measurements were so I got to much brandy and sherry in, the others are more about a splash rather than actual measurements. Which usually ends up with me adding by the capful until I think it's enough. Then it's about cooking it long enough to cook it out. Unfortunately, when I add too much there is no long enough to cook it out without burning it.

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