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 Posted: Tue Mar 25th, 2014 11:34 pm
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   I read all of that to say that you are unable or unwilling to provide any examples of Mr. Lincoln being: "Vigorously slandered" (Or in this case, libeled) here. That is your prerogative. But if you choose to cause: "Inflammation" here, you should be able to substantiate what you say beyond throwing out: "Line and verse," or: "Smoke," as you aptly mentioned.

  You call me: "Constitutionalist," and I do not shrink from the label. I have a reverence for the U.S. Constitution. I consider it, while not being perfect, to be one of the most outstanding documents ever produced by human beings. I am quite aware of the definition of the term: "Nova," though I fail to see how it applies to the Constitution, whether as an astronomical term or relating to a type of fish.

  As for my views on Mr. Lincoln, I have made many posititve statements about him, as well as many negative ones. They are clearly written on this forum for all to review. We can all have our own opinions, but I believe that my many postings have clearly differentiated between opinions and facts. I am quite satisfied that the many items I have  presented as facts about Mr. Lincoln are accurate, and no contravening evidence has been presented to refute any of them.

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