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 Posted: Thu Apr 3rd, 2014 07:17 pm
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I am looking forward to sharing my resources and learning from the group.  I am a newcomer who has come across an extensive collection of letters by my relative who was a passionate opponent of slavery and witness to the civil war. is our first *draft* of our commitment to make this material available to civil war experts and we would much appreciate all advice and input.

The author wrote these (one sided) first hand accounts of the war from his home in Reading,PA.  and wanted to get them published in England to help stop the British supporting the south. (He did.) There is so much material that I thought I should select some headings to match existing threads.

Witnessing  a slave market:

A city's response to the assassination and mourning of Lincoln:


The fall of Richmond:

The curse of slavery:

How one town prepares to be taken over by the confederates:

Please know that this website only covers about half of the material that has been handed down to us. I know we are only just beginning but I respect and appreciate all the input that you might contribute.

Thank you.  
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