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 Posted: Mon Apr 7th, 2014 07:20 am
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Well I'm back with a couple of fresh experiments on this recipe.

First up, my considerations of orange juice from the initial post. Because things had gone so well with a quart cup worth of lemon syrup I decided to try doing a bit more for an orange flavored carbonated syrup water last night. Ramp it up to a half a cup of syrup. Keep in mind when I tried it with the lemon simple syrup I poured about half the syrup, or 1/8 cup, into the 10 oz. glass before adding the water so I got two glasses worth of drink. Here I was figuring 1/2 cup syrup I'd get four glasses of drink. I used store bought orange juice, made from concentrate, as I didn't think I had any oranges present (did find today I had one orange). Again equal amounts OJ to sugar to make the syrup, 1/2 cup each. Let it cool. Then added a quarter of the syrup to a 10 oz. glass and follow everything as instructed.

The results? YUCK!!!!! Orange flavored Arm & Hammer drink with no fizz. I actually had to pour all the syrup, including this glass of premade mixture, into a larger glass, add more water and a little more backing soda and stir vigorously to even get the slightest hint of fizz. It still tasted nasty even with half the amount of baking soda I would have used for four glasses worth of this drink had it succeeded.

I've gone through various reasons why it didn't work. First is the OJ, even though it doesn't say it, might have had calcium added. No idea if calcium would have an inverse effect on the results or not. Get back to that in a few sentences. Second, IT WAS FROM CONCENTRATE. Supposed to be 100% juice from concentrate, so I have no real idea how that would have affected things vs fresh squeezed. Again, get back to that in a few sentences. Third, I'd used a metal spoon to stir the syrup as I was making it instead of a wooden one like I'd used in making the lemon syrup. Could that have alter the make up of the syrup? Fourth, a white froth formed on this syrup as I was making it. Could something have been lost and this forth been a sign of the loss. Fifth, I used a metal spoon to stir the soda in the glass, just as I had with the lemon flavored carbonated syrup water, but here I had the spoon in the water and syrup before adding the baking soda. Could that have somehow altered things? Yet I didn't put the spoon in before adding the baking soda when I moved to a taller glass. But I think my sixth reason may be the real answer. I tried the OJ after I finished off this failure. It tastes a little off. Doesn't taste like it has calcium in it, a lot of the OJ's around here, particularly the store brands, don't taste the same with calcium added to them as without. Don't know if that's any different anywhere else, I'd assume it is but I'm not going to make the statement as a fact. It tastes like orange juice that's either been heavily watered down or that's been made from slightly bad oranges, if that makes sense. Not sure I'd chalk it up entirely to being from concentrate as it's also like they tried adding something to it. I've been drinking this brand for a while and it's like it's closer to orange flavored water, missing some citric acid. Could be I didn't shake up the gallon enough before I opened it of the first time. Figure the next time I try orange flavored carbonated syrup water I'll freshly squeeze the oranges. Or I'll try the juice before I try using it.

So the first experiment since yesterday's success was a disgusting failure (but hey, tasted better than my 2011 attempt with the root beer concentrate cause it at least tasted like orange, though with a heavy baking soda flavor from a half teaspoon). But the second.... Let's just say that that Seven-Up gave me the idea to try a lemon-lime attempt. I used the reconstituted lemon juice again and some lime juice, ReaLime in fact. I used a quarter cup sugar, but slightly more than that for the combined juices (about 1/8 cup lime juice and enough lemon juice to bring it up to about a quarter of the way between 1/4 cup and 1/3 cup). This extra juice may have had an effect on the results.

Speaking of the results, tasty. Not a clear lemon lime flavor, but worth repeating. However, that "effervescence" that the book refers to, the carbonated fizz/foam on top of the soda. I actually had about a half glass of water and syrup both times I added the baking soda and stirred. And both times it, the fizz, was nearly flowing up and over the sides of the glass. Very vigorous. Not sure if it was, indeed, the extra bit of juice giving it a little more acid to interact with the baking soda or if it was the use of the ReaLime. In with case, trying to drink it while the fizz was still so thick was a little like breathing in a citrus flavored fog. But the drink itself was very good.

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