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 Posted: Sun Apr 13th, 2014 06:35 am
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For just results I think I found one that may trump Honey Hill. Mount Zion Church, July 6, 1864. Wikipedia lists Federal casualties at 106 (combined KIA, WIA, and POW) vs. 6 Confederate casualties (combined KIA and WIA). That's a nearly 18:1 ratio, though they list the forces engaged at a 1:1 ratio. However, decided to check the War of the Rebellion on this one. There's a report in Series One, Volume 37 by Colonel Mosby that puts Federal casualties at 137 (combined KIA, WIA, and POW) vs 7 Confederate casualties (combined KIA and WIA). That's nearly a 20:1 ratio. Put's it on par with what General Smith reported for Honey Hill ratio wise. Mosby doesn't report how many men were engaged.

There are three Federal reports from the same volume, one from Colonel Charles Lowell, 2nd Mass Cav and the other from Colonel Henry Lazelle, 16th NY Cav. If I'm piecing Col. Lowell's report together right, of 150 men engaged at least 93 were casualties for the Federal forces engaged (I'm adding 7 killed outright from the 2nd Mass Cav, 5 killed outright from the 13th NY Cav, 27 WIA returned to camp, 10 WIA unable to be returned to camp, and 44 taken POW). He does expect more men to return to camp, some wounded, as well as there to be more POWs taken. He states Mosby's forces were variously estimated at 175 to 250, 250 to 300, and his personal estimate of 200. Of Mosby's casualties he states repots of 3 or 4 KIA and 1 mortally wounded. So from Lowell's report I'm getting an engaged ratio of anywhere from nearly 1:1 upwards of 2:1 in Mosby's favor and the results ratio of nearly 19:1 to nearly 23:1.

Now Colonel Lazelle reports Mosby's forces at 200 to 300 men vs 150 Federal forces. His first report doen't give a clue to the KIA, WIA, or POW suffered by either side, only to the size of Mosby's force which I estimated at 300. His second report estimates Mosby's forces at 200 men. So that gives us an engaged ratio of nearly 1:1 to 2:1. He does in the second report give some idea of Federal casualties. Of 150 men total he says that just 27 men from the 2nd Mass Cav and 7 men from the 13th NY Cav returned to camp. So that's 116 KIA, WIA, and POW Ironically he's the 16th NY Cav and does not appear to himself have taken part. But he was reporting from the Cavalry Brigade HQ so he may have been privy to some information that way. And he does state that Lowell should be able to give a more accurate accounting of the battle. Unfortunately he doesn't list the casualties for Mosby. Going by Mosby and Lowell, the results ratio based on how many men Lazelle said returned to camp would be nearly 19:1 to upwards of 29:1.

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