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 Posted: Tue Apr 22nd, 2014 02:52 am
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Ok, so I just tried this recipe again tonight, largely following what I did last time with a few changes. First off I used canned mackerel instead of sardines. The recipe does say the remains of any fish from the day before. Although canned fish are not fish I'd used yesterday, their still precooked fish just waiting to be used. Second, last time I had some boiled potatoes I used and had to mash up, this time I had mashed potatoes from yesterday's Easter dinner. So as they had already been mashed before I used them (yes, real mashed rather than instant) that eliminated a step in the process used last time. Third, I didn't have bread crumbs to use so I used corn flake crumbs. Their unseasoned but if used right work almost as well as bread crumbs. We actually made some grilled chicken cordon bleu using the corn flake crumbs and it came out beautifully, but I also tried making some baked mac and cheese with them that didn't do so well (and I knew one of the problems was I tried reminding myself to season the crumbs and forgot to do so). Fourth, I added some cooking oil to the bacon grease to cook the fritters in. There was actually more oil than bacon grease.

The results really weren't that different than the first attempt at this recipe. As it didn't have as much bacon grease it didn't have the saltiness that I wished had been in each bite last time. I actually wish I had added some salt to the mixture. Also, as it was mackerel instead of sardines there was no sardine flavor to these fritters. To me the flavor was a bit more milder in terms of the fish flavor. But again I didn't get the Cayenne pepper mixed in as well and I think I got more of it in this time than I believed. It wasn't a pocket in one fritter like it was last time, this was more like you'd eat one fritter and get no hint of t and then try another and at least half of it would be heavy of it.

A I said last time, this is a dish I'd do again. And again and again. But ten I do enjoy fish and this is a very good way to use canned fish. I'll have to try saving some fish next time I cook some and try it with that. Of course I'll have to either bake or grill the fish, maybe pan fry it, instead of my usual fish fry since I can't picture this with the crust I do for fried fish. But at the same time baked or grilled fish usually means salmon to me and I'm not sure I see this as a salmon dish even though I do like to make salmon croquets. I guess this is largely close to what I do for salmon croquets with potato and Cayenne added.

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