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    U.S. Grant wasn't a great intellect, but in 1864 Lincoln didn't need intellectuals. He needed someone who could defeat the Confederate armies in the East. He needed someone who would fight and keep the pressure on General Lee.

   Grant's personality was first seen in the East in the Battle of the Wilderness.

Encyclopedia Virginia: Wilderness, Battle of the  Going on 150 years ago today.

   Taking tremendous casualties did not stop Grant from moving forward. It must have been clear to General Lee that the rules of the game had changed. Grant the brawler would keep moving forward on Lee the boxer, no matter how many jabs to the face that he had to take. Lincoln had found his man.

   While I've said that U.S. Grant was great, I might have also offended some Grant fans by saying that he was a brawler, and not a genius. In fact, two former presidents disagree with what I said so I'll add what they had to say.

ULYSSES S. GRANT HOMEPAGE  There. People can decide for themselves.  :D


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