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 Posted: Wed May 7th, 2014 02:04 am
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Nothing actually made Grant great beyond being the general to receive Lee's surrender. I've said it on here a number of time, Grant was more of a bulldog compared to the other Federal generals Lee faced. Grant didn't typically retreat and then hole up while trying to figure out his next move when Lee defeated him. And Lee did defeat Grant more often than Grant defeated him. Out of fifteen major engagements where Lee and Grant were the commanding officers Grant claims about five wins. So Lee was more likely to beat Grant.

But I don't call Grant a bulldog for no reason. When Grant's defeated he's not as likely as some of the other Federal generals to lick their wounds and try to decide what to do next. He's more likely to change the direction of his march and keep moving forward. If he was headed in a more westerly direction, he'll head more towards the east. He didn't really let up as past generals had. For Grant it was more a war of attrition, especially after he ended the prisoner exchange. He knew full well that the North had the man power and industrial power that the South didn't have and that they could afford to suffer more loses than the South. Especially if he kept pressing.

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