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 Posted: Fri May 9th, 2014 12:45 am
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What apologies? This is The Lounge. And break it down even further, it's Idle Chit-Chat. I mean look at the categories in The Lounge. Food, Cooking, and Gardening states it's "A place to share recipes, regional and ethnic food knowledge, etc." Go in and look through some of the threads and posts, not all of them pertain to period cooking and gardening. You even have a thread complaining about not every thing discussed in the category is from the Civil War period or even the 19th century. Other History states "People that love to study the Civil War usually love history in general. Talk about non-Civil War history here." The description itself is pretty clear it's not a category about the Civil War. And Idle Chit-Chat states "Anything that doesn't fit anywhere else goes here." I suppose stuff pertaining to the Civil War can go here, though I typically think of the Other Civil War Talk category when I have something related to the war that doesn't seem to fit most of the categories.

To me, there's no need apologize for this thread not being Civil War related because you did post it in the Idle Chit-Chat category.

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