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 Posted: Fri May 9th, 2014 01:22 am
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   In our society today, just about anything is bound to offend someone. Grant fans might be upset over any criticism of him, and its the same for Lee fans who might not be able to tolerate any criticism of their man. But however great these generals were, they were still human beings, and all human beings make mistakes.

   U.S. Grant made his reputation in the West, but I would still say that it wasn't due to genius. The word I used in my subtitle before was tenacity. It seems that word already has gotten a positive response.

   Grant certainly made mistakes, both in the West and the East. His career could have ended quickly when he got himself in a bad situation at Belmont. But he didn't panic and he got himself out. He was caught off guard at Shiloh, but again he didn't freak out, and after barely holding on the first day, he won on the second. He tried a number of things in the Vicksburg campaign that didn't work. When he was stymied, he would try something else. He was aggressive, and he was persistent. In the end, in both West and East, he won, but it wasn't without setbacks along the way.

   Some men can be great without being geniuses. Some men can be geniuses without being great. To me, both Grant and Lee were great.











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