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 Posted: Wed May 21st, 2014 11:06 pm
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Over a century ago my maternal grandfather was a homesteader. I'm not sure what the exact requirements were but you had three years to "improve" the land. That meant "x" amount of acres had to be cleared, crops in the ground, fences and dwellings built. Only then would you get a clear title. If you couldn't accomplish the task in time, you lost the land.

This country was all bush, no easy task to clear, plow, and farm wilderness. When he came he was alone, lived in a dug-out sod house his first winter (Canada, that's tough). Eventually he found a wife and had many kids, saved up enough to buy an adjacent quarter, turned his farm into a going concern. The homestead is still in our family, and if it were not for Homestead Acts, I would never have been born.

That farm gave my grandfather everything he needed to make something of himself. I like to think a tad of his courage lives in me still, always remember him, tall and lean, a man of few words, steel in his spine, with the greatest fondness. Long ago a bunch of legislators down east gave a poor immigrant a shot; he did not disappoint.

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