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 Posted: Thu May 22nd, 2014 01:52 am
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Ok, I finally got it so I can post the images rather than a link to the album.

USS George Washington Parke Custis. Model of the balloon aircraft carrier USS George Washington Parke Custis.

Iron Plating. Based on the images around it, I think this is plating from the USS Monitor. Keep in mind the date in the photos is when I was at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum so I don't remember what everything was. Some things are conjuncture by what's in the pick, some are memory (which is really just some of the models), some come from looking things up online and matching them to my photos, and some is me just plain guess what it was after six years.

CSS Virginia. The model I remember as it and the George Washington Parke Custi I got excited seeing. I don't remember if that bar was supposed to be a piece of the Virginia's casement or what, but I seem to recall it came from somewhere on the Virginia.

Turret. They had a section of the museum devoted to the famous battle of the Monitor and the Virginia ad I do recall this was a mockup of the Monitor's turret.

CSS Florida. I actually had to look this up online and matched u the bottles and shoes in the background to a picture of artifacts from the Florida laid out exactly as in this photo. I think the model you can just barely see any of was the Florida.

Dishes. I don't recall exactly what this was. I think it was either supposed to be representative of life aboard the Monitor or the Virginia. That's what I said on Flickr too, but now that I think about it, I'm wondering if it wasn't life aboard the Florida. I'd have to look again at the photos on my jump drive and get their numbers to determine the order it actually appears in as to whether or not I can rule out the Florida.

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