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 Posted: Sun Jun 8th, 2014 01:06 am
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1. By the time I had worked through numerous re-writes of that article (up until this very moment), I finally came to realize that I had allowed too much personal anger to creep in. I didn't mean for that to happen -- and I hope I have fixed that mistake. The issues are too big for that -- they were what they were -- and our ancestors did what they did -- under the force of their particular situations -- and that's that.

2. Fate has its own agenda -- and it orchestrated this huge upheaval for its own ends. Fortunately, I believe, it worked to our great advantage, this time.

3. I thought I was writing as objectively as I could, under the pressures of intense patriotic feeling. But I now realize that it was counterproductive to leave-in harshly judgmental words in the article's conclusion. Who am I to hold myself up as final judge?

4. We are "all children of circumstance." To change the "child," then change the circumstance -- if it can be changed. That's the only way we can ever become better (or worse) than what we are. The war was one such change in circumstance which produced an even better "child."

5. We, as our ancestors were, each are the sum-total of everything that has ever happened to us -- no more and no less. We do and did our best, as circumstance permits and enables. Not everyone can be right at the same time. Perhaps, none can be, entirely. It always depends on the situation that contains us.

6. WE ALL MATTER TO ONE ANOTHER IN THIS PARTICULAR WORLD. From the day any of us were born, the world changed -- for better or worse -- but change it did. We all matter in what we think and do -- or not think and do. Our every act -- small or large, good or bad --ricochets along the great human network -- changing things for better or worse -- far beyond any horizon we will ever get to see -- for long after we have even forgotten that we so-acted.

7. I'm hoping that what I left in place will be sufficient to convey what I think that war means -- to improve our common circumstance, at least a little. That my words will help widen and deepen any reader's appreciation of that war's role in the GREAT HUMAN CHAIN-REACTION which connects the very first humans to the very last ones.

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