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 Posted: Sun Dec 10th, 2006 03:58 am
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Sickles' unauthorized move is good for days of discussion. Did it save the Union left on Day 2? If Lee's plan hadn't been stymied, would Longstreet's assignment have been successful? Would he have been able to roll up the Federal left? I doubt it, but it could have happened.

Bottom line is that Sickles jeoparradized Meade's set up. Whether or not his preparations were sound or that he had contingencies to cover any situation is not the question. Sickles' placement disrupted his commanding officer's plans. Whether by fate it turns out fine, does not excuse the move. It is not clear that his placement saved anything. It is clear that he did not follow his commander's orders.

Sorry about that, Johnny, it's the way I see it.


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