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 Posted: Sat Aug 23rd, 2014 03:42 am
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Ok, made some cush tonight with some of tonight's roast. Did let it cool down before I tried making it and I thought I'd share a couple photos. This is how it turned out for me at home, camera quality isn't that great.

Don't know how it would look if I'd made it in the field with whatever cooking utensils I might have on hand. So don't know if it looks anything like what some of the re-enactors on here might get, or might have gotten in the past, if they make cush.

I will say this, I had one heck of a headache trying to share these photos, which made this taste bad. Started out with Flickr and had no problems uploading. But for some reason I can't get the option to share any of my photos there. And I've shared some here in the past. Eventually had to go to ImageShack, which is where I'd uploaded the photos of the last mincemeat pie I made back in December (see I'll get you drunk without giving you a drop to drink). But when I tried uploading the photos from my 2008 VB trip to post here (see Photos from 2008) I had trouble using my ImageShack account and had to use my Flickr account which I'd largely used more for videos and a few photos. Tonight thinking things would be easy on Flickr I went there only to run into the afore mentioned problems. As it seems I can again use my ImageShack account as I'd like, managed to upload these there. But in the process of trying to get the photos up to post here my cush got cold. Either it was this particular batch or it's cush period, but it was kinda bad tasting cold. Got a few bites before it got cold when it was still hot and it was good. But cold it tasted bad.

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