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 Posted: Tue Dec 12th, 2006 01:07 am
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I am not sure if I have read this book or not that I have read so many on Gettysburg.

Longstreets assult on the third day would be more real since he was the one who  the task fell to. I agree with some of the folks here as to why would Lee all the sudden become an Idiot on July 3rd. Lee did have a plan and he stated that his plans had not changed since July 1st. That they were infact the same..And that plan was to take Cemetery Hill...Lee would have gained nothing be splitting the Union line at the Copse of Trees while the guns on Cemetery Hill and Ridge played Havoc on his troops. One overlooks the facts that the famous attack at the Copse of trees was not exactly the order that History plants that it was.  Those trees at the time of the battle were no larger than 10 feet high and pretty hard to see at a distance of a mile away. Why would Lee assemble 15,000 troops to trip over themselves to break the line there? In fact the fictional Copse of trees never even came into play until 1887. Longstreet himself says the attack was to be made in the area of the trees...But what trees was he really talking about..Well not on the battlefield today stood Zeiglers Grove which now in its place stands the Cylclorama building and Visitors Center. The Grove is long gone..But to attack at that point would have made more sense as it offered protection to the attacking forces who would have had an objective of Cemetery Hill..Lees objective on all three days was Cemetery Hill..It commanded the field with its road network and slight elevation. The attack ended up at the Copse of trees for one reason..Flanking fire..When you are being hit by flanking fire you move away from it not into it..Since the Rebs were taking flanking fire from both sides the results ended at the Copse of trees..Not exactley where it should of and was a bit short of the intended target...Longstreet never sending the supports that were to be sent for the attack also had a large effect on why there was flanking fire to begin with. Lee was too good of a General to send men to the slaughter for no other reason as to break the Union Line in the center and then do what?  No the stories told at Gettysburg are stories that have been fabricated for many many years..Memorials are placed and the story becomes History and the common Visitor takes what a Battle Guide tells them is true because of course it has to be true there is a monument there stating it is...There is a lot of research into Gettysburg within the last 20 years that shows infact that a lot of these things stories were probably not true or even close to how they are told now..Only study and reading and walking the battlefield will lead to a conclusion that some of what is told just does not make sense..Lee's plans at Gettysburg were as solid as any other of his battleplans...Although Lee did not point fingers he could have pointed them in many directions in those 3 days..A combination of new Corps commanders and missed opportunity by them and their subordinates did not help the situation..And I will agree with Johan that the AOP had a lot to do with it..Their Generals made fewer mistakes than Lees did and Hancock did a superb job against the odds...Meade kept his head and did not try to go on the offensive give Culps Hill on the morning of the 3rd..He let Lee come to him and he had the ground...There was no contest on the 3rd day of battle Meade won hands down...The second day he was hanging by a thin string and if the en echelon attack would have continued down the line as was planned there may have not been a 3rd day.

As for the Stuart fiasco I have read so many pro and cons that it is hard to figure it all out..I have ordered the book" A lot of blame to go around " or something like that,which I hope has better insight to this mystery for me...

I love new books that challange what the story told is and what really may have been the real story..Keeps us all thinking and learning a debating it all..And thats of course all we have left since the results will always be the same we can only ask

How and why...There are so many books written on Just Gettysburg one could not read them all in a lifetime...Which brings me to I think I am going to write a book...

Look for it in the near future..."Gettysburg and the Dutch Women"

Questions...If Heth had not stopped to eat the Dutch Womens Cherry Pies would of he infact been in a different position at the time the bullet struck his head..and was it really a wad of paper that saved his life or was he actually stealing some of the Dutch Womens cherry pits burried deep in the brim of his hat...?

Just kidding.....;)


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