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 Posted: Wed Dec 13th, 2006 09:35 pm
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Regina, If you have an interest in CW espionage, besides Edwin Fishel's "The Secret War for the Union" that I mentioned, you might also fing the following books of interest;

"Secret Missions of the Civil War," by Philip Van Dorn Stern.

"Spies of the Confederacy," by John Bakeless

"Grant's Secret Service," by William Feis

"Spies and Spymasters of the Civil War," by Donald Markle.

I'm sure there are others as well, but, I just happen to have these in my own library, and can say their are some really good stories in these. How about the story of a white woman; Emma Edmonds, posing as a man in the Union army,Frank Thompson, who goes on to pose as a black slave named "Cuff" in order to act as a Union spy. Emma/Frank used silver nitrate to darken her skin in order to pose as "Cuff." That story can be found in Markle's book.

Regards, Dave Gorski

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