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 Posted: Thu Dec 14th, 2006 12:43 am
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This is my hometown , My family has lived  here since the turn of the last century. 

Before that, my fathers people were horse breeders in Winchester Va. Today was

was a beautiful day to stand on top Maurye Heights and look down on Old

Fredericksburg and see in alot of ways the same things a young trooper from

the South did a 142 years ago. Up to 50,000 Federals coming up the streets

and onto the feild abut to Maurye Heights. Standing by and old artillery piece,

and Union gravestones I felt a deep sadness as I  realized it was about the time

of day when the 1st wave of  Federals passed the canal to one of the U.S.s

most famous killing field. But what seemed even sadder was there was no one

else on this day to remembers the over 13,000 casualties that would fall in a

period of 24 hours. Nope other than me , a couple walking a dog, and a nice

elderly  couple  I saw no one else in the area for the 2 hours I was there.

With the short history this nation has compared to the rest of the world,

you would think we could  do a better job of remembering are war dead.








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