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 Posted: Fri Dec 15th, 2006 03:03 pm
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I phrased it very poorly. I meant "infamous" in that Custer may have brought it on himself with his management or mismanagement of the situation resulting in the horrendous deaths of his own men. Don't think for one minute that I in any way endorse the mistreatment of native Americans. Their history is a tragic one.  We had just fought a war that resulted in the liberation of slaves, then turned right around and continued unabated abuse of native Americans.  Yes, some could forward that tired argument that Custer was "just obeying orders." I don't in this case.

The reason I think his story would make a compelling movie is that it has the timeless elements of hubris within the backdrop of war, two wars actually, the Civil War and the following frontier "war." There was no shortage of hubris on either side in the Civil War, but Custer stands out because he was a master of self promotion.



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