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 Posted: Fri Dec 15th, 2006 09:05 pm
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Nope, GGGrandpa didn't show much of a sense of style when it came to his haircut, he probably had his mess mates cut it or he cut it himself. He was a "typical Hoosier," as described by a publication of the time: "He is sensitive, excitable, bashful, and maybe boastful, enterprising, ardent and industrious, yet, as a farmer, is apt to leave weeds in his fence corners, and as a merchant, dislikes to bother his brains with one cent calculations. He is no bully,yet is able to use his fists." I've always liked that description.

Having an ancestor to connect to historic events does help to make the events more personal. What I like to suggest to folks who know that they don't have that blood connection, is to "adopt." Go into a regimental history and find a roster, or better yet, go to a cemetery and find a veteran. Then start doing the research to find out who he was and what events he participated in. You will be surprised at how quickly such an adoption begins to make history yours. I've suggested this to a number of people and they have found great reward in finding out what a soldier's life was really like. An added bonous might be to find out what their post war life was like, and how the war might have had an effect on it. If you need help finding someone to adopt, I'd be happy to help, either by lending you one of "my boys" (11th Indiana Battery) or giving you the name of someone from a regiment from your local area.

Regards, Dave Gorski

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