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 Posted: Sat Dec 16th, 2006 03:09 am
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NO WAY Costner as Cleburne.  First of all he is too old and second of all he doesn't look like him and first off all he doesn't look like him.  no no no. 

I agree though I can't think who should play him.

When my book club read American Brutus and Blood on the Moon some of us emailed back and forth casting a movie verison.  Going on looks not necessarily the right ages .  I played around and cut and pasted pictures of all the conspiritors and then actors that we had suggested to play the parts.  Some where so close they could have been related.  Wish I had saved the email now.  I know for Booth forgetting age we suggested Johnny Depp or Kevin Kline.  Kline is too old but look at pictures together .  I have forgotten the others but it was great fun at the time . 

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