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 Posted: Sun Oct 30th, 2005 04:35 pm
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I enjoy observing how different folks have a different interpretation of the ACW.  The following story is one example of that.


The last time I was at the Sunken Road at Shiloh I encountered a small band of lost causers.  My nephew and I had showed up at a certain time to take in a NPS hike where we were to be lectured about the Hornet’s Nest and also to walk the Sunken Road.


The rebs were at the tour departure point in full period dress, and they appeared to have Texas Regimental colors.  The other visitors who gathered at the location presumed these folks in rebel garb were to be the leaders of the hike.  I thought something was odd when one of the Texans pulled a pack of cigarettes from his cartridge box and commenced to light a smoke.


Soon some of the visitors began to ask Shiloh questions of the Texans, because it was presumed the Rebs were NPS staff.  “Where was Hell’s Hollow?” a visitor asked.  (Hell’s Hollow is where a lot of the Yanks surrendered when the Sunken Road defense collapsed.)


“Which one, the real Hell’s Hallow or the Yankee Hell’s Hollow?” a reb said.  Of course the visitor was puzzled and didn’t know there was more than Hell’s Hollow any more than a Taliban guy knows there is more than one Allah.


It was then that I learned that the “real” Hell’s Hollow was near Rea Field, and that the tour had been hijacked by Lost Causer extremists.  It was also at this time when I learned that the leaders of this band of folks in rebel garb were named “Poet” and “Drifter”.


A Park Ranger then showed up at the scene to lead the tour.  Poet and Drifter took the opportunity to cross examine the Ranger as to why they could not bring their muskets to the battlefield.  The Ranger politely explained that he was busy right now with the tour and may be they could discuss the intricacies of Federal Law later.


“What tour?” Poet and Drifter asked.  Well, the Ranger replied he was referring to the visitors who had gathered around Poet and Drifter.  “Oh” they said.  It was obvious that Poet and Drifter thought the crowd had gathered to quiz them about their Battlefield knowledge (Poet and Drifter being oblivious as to the tour gathering point), and they were disappointed to learn the Feds had duped them again.

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