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 Posted: Sat Dec 16th, 2006 11:09 pm
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Hello Eric, The only other information I have on Harter, is that he went to work for Provost Marshal James McPhail in Baltimore, having been discharged from the army. Harter did find himself a spy again after Gettysburg, when he assisted in scouting the Confederate retreat from Gettysburg, July, 1863. In November of 1864, Harter was on the payroll of the intelligence bureau of the AoP, but as soon as his background of service with Pope and Sigel was discovered, he was discharged. The description of Harter was widely circulated about the Confederacy, and there was a great deal of aprehension for his safety, more it seems by Union authorities, than by Harter.

Sources documenting Harter's activities:
Turner/Baker papers, file 747, and letterbook "Y" pgs 18 - 19
Thirty years after the war, an investigation in an attempt to secure a MoH for Harter was begun. That investigation can also be found in the archives - RG 94, Record and Pension Office entry 501 - Document file 1889 - 1904 - No. 313 - 171 and 323 -903.
Harter's service record is also on file at the National Archives, and I beleive that his pension records include a letter from Gen. Pope, and a couple of letters from McPhail in regards to Harter's service. Edwin Fishel's
"The Secret War For the Union," is the source of these further leads. Sorry I cannot be of more help -
I'm looking forward to your book on Dahlgren !! An interesting subject to be sure !

Regards, Dave Gorski

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