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 Posted: Sun Dec 17th, 2006 07:45 am
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Regina that sounds so interesting for you to adopt a soldier.  I had never thought of doing that .  I do know when visiting the monument to Stonewall Jackson and grave in Lexington I turned to walk away and a grave marker caught my eye.  The guy had done it all.  He was a TexanRevolutionist , Mier captive, America soldier and Confederate soldier . His name was William Wilson.  I took a picture of his stone  and left the cemetery.  I have searched to find more about him.  He was an Indian Agent and first Sheriff of Galveston .  Killed in the first year of the Civil War in Virginia.  I called the Visitor Center n Lexington and they put me in touch with a member of the historical society who is doing graves registration.  He had never seen the grave.  The man still fascinates me .   

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