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 Posted: Sun Dec 17th, 2006 03:32 pm
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I have run into the same type of comments while flying a confederate flag.

For over 12 years I played in a band which mostly done southern rock..We flew the Stars and Bars on the front of our keyboard..We live in Pa...Over a 12 year period we may have had 3 people who questioned why we flew it..One who did question it was a young lad about 18 years of age with purple hair...He asked me "Hey man what's up with the flag"...I responded with "Hey man whats up with your hair"..He informed me that this flag was a hate flag because that is how he viewed it...I asked him how much he knew about the Civil War in which he replied "Nothing man"...I told him to do some studying up on it and he may understand that we were not flying it as a hate banner but as a tribute banner for the Southern men who lost their lives under it and also to recognize the music we played was classed as Southern Rock and it was a symbol of what type of music we played..He responded with "Ok man I'll check it out"..

So what youre up against is how people view this flag because the KKK has used it as a hate symbol and thus it has been shown on TV many times affiliated with them.

Hence we had this logo on our band shirts and jackets...Once when entering a Wall Mart and wearing this symbol a little afro American boy asked his dad while pointing to the flag on our jackets "Daddy what is that?"..His response to him was "That's a bunch of brave men son?" So you see he viewed it the same way and reason being

I am sure he knows the KKK use it as a hate symbol...It is hard to educate people who do not engage in reading Civil War History as to what this flag is or was..So anywhere you where the logo you will run into many people as seeing you as a "Rebel" and one who does not conform to the institution..

I have many pieces of clothing with the Reb Flag on it...I still where a hat that has it on and I deal with the public everyday...I have never been questioned as to why I wear it..But if you wear it and tell of the History about it, if asked, people will view what you think in a different manner..I don't suggest doing this just for the purpose

of trying to tell everybody what you know about History as their are still a great percentage of folks that have a negative feeling about it and it will no doubt bring you more headaches than you want to deal with..

Rather then displaying it on your shirt I agree with trying to start a Civil War study group in your school..It really could be a  lot of fun and a great learning expierence for your teachers and students alike..Study on the hardships of the war and the issues that were going on at that time..Maybe you can spark a lot of intrest amoung your school and have a Civil War day where all can dress in a period fashion if they want..There are a lot of things that can be done here on that subject..And for yourself you will be looked at in a whole different manner no matter what flag you are wearing, your teachers and students alike will now look at you as someone who

enabled a program for them to all learn and understand more about our past..

Good Luck



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