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 Posted: Wed Dec 20th, 2006 04:03 pm
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I have read this book by Troy Harman..I am happy to say that I enjoyed it..

A great deal of the book makes sense when one thinks out how the battle developed.

If Lee had no objective during the 3 day battle then why was he fighting there?

His objective was the Union Army and he found it there. Once found I have to believe that he would have read the battlefield and it is said that Lee actually admired the position of the Union Army and how it also read the ground...Now walk the field and put yourself if Lee's boots and any General worth his salt would have read Cemetery Hill as the most important part of the battlefield..Could Lee have missed that? I think not and I guess Troy thinks not either...

Why would Lee give orders to Ewell to take Cemetery hill...?

Why did Ewell attack the hill at the twilight hours of the evening?

Because he knew that Lee wanted it done..Period....

Cemetery Hill commanded the road networks into the town and also a great platform for artillary..There was no other spot there on the field that had the total command of the field of battle....Why would Lee change his plans midstream and change his objective say to "A copse of trees" that had no signifigant importance to the lay of the battlefield..?

Hmmmm....If I am not mistaken I think General Hancock must have seen the same thing and if  this hill was not that improtant to make it an object of Lee's then it would not have been that important for the Union army to want to hold it...

One only has to walk the battlefield to see the advantage the hill had..Unlike the famous Little Round Top which is stated to be Lee's objective in many books was a terrible position for artillary..and how many troops could actually be put on little round top without tripping over themselves.  Little round top came into play only because it all of the sudden became the left of the Union Line and Oats was told to find the flank and turn it which in fact led him up the rocky slopes...Lee's sights were not set on Little Round Top as an advantage to his army.

Lee read the battlefield as well as the Union Army did..Reynolds in fact was the first to see the importance of the High Ground there as a place to set up a defense if the AOP was beaten back through the Burg. Hancock saw it upon arrival also and acted on it to rally his beaten troops..Hmmm..Wonder why he did not rally them at the "Copse of Trees" instead?

Now if Lee did not see this I can only assume he was taking a nap...

The stories of the Burg have been told the same way for many years, whether they are in fact true or not, but have become the stories that still stick with us today because one may not challange the documented History that has evolved over 140 years. But it is people like Troy that sit back and say some of this stuff just does not make sense and move it to another level...

I like the book and am now reading yours Eric "Plenty of Blame to go around"

Have just started it so I will let you know..:)




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