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 Posted: Thu Dec 21st, 2006 12:25 am
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Johnny Huma
Johnny Huma

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Thank God and Amen...

I do live in Pa..I am not against gambling and on occasion I do...I am glad PA has gambling as it is supposed to relieve some of our real estate tax burdons..Although I doubt that will happen...But I love going to Gettysburg and walking the fields and I love the town...But there are a lot of places to put casino's in Pa. and they were trying to use Gettysburg as the draw for their casino...Sorry Bad Idea..Not here..Not now...Not Ever....Gettysburg does not need the casino to attract visitors..Believe me when I tell you try going there from June to October and you will see there is not a want for more people there...The town is flocking with tourist in abundance who are learning about History and the focus is on History...Would we have really needed a detraction from this Hallowed Ground..Gettysburg has done well to get rid of these sideshows over the years..Amusement Parks..Towers..Etc...It's not about religous reasons or about born again preservationist..It's about "Common Sense"...This area is a shrine to all who fought here and should be kept that way...Not a playground for the wealthy. It is also a college town...Very bad idea just on that alone...Want your kids at the casino every night Mom and Dad while your supporting them through college?


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