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 Posted: Thu Dec 21st, 2006 01:14 am
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I believe by taking Cemetery Hill Lee would have made the Union position untenable.

(If my spelling is bad it is because it is bad):)

The fields of fire there would have made Meade have to withdraw and maybe put into action Plan B.. Falling back to Pipe Creek. You have to give Meade a pat on the back for having a backup plan there. If the Union Army was to fall back because of this Lee could have moved on Harrisburg or moved to threaten DC..I dont think he would have made the second choice..Lee was looking for a Victory here wherever or however it may have came. A victory on Northern Soil would have put a lot of pressure on Old Abe to look at some type of Peace Treaty because there were a lot of people in the North at this point of the war who were condeming it and wanted it stopped...(Kinda like a lot of people in the US who would rather not be fighting a war in Iraq) Pressure on Bush. And so as History repeats itself pressure on Ol' Abe to stop the war at whatever cost...So you see it was not really a matter of what was he going to do then or where was he going to go after he took the hill..It was a matter of bringing the war north to put the pressure on Washington to come to some agreement for a truce...And that all may have come to past if it were not for the hard fighting Union Army..I think Lee underestimated the Union Army's will to fight because it was low prior to Gettysburg..But when they were fighting for their own ground and homes I believe the espirt de corps set in..Something Lee was not expecting..The same reasons existed in Virgina as to why the Rebs were hard fighting people..Our homes and our land...

I believe Lee would have headed for Harrisburg since it would have kept his supply line intact and a retreat route once he seized the Capital if he wanted a way out .That also would have brought the pressure he was looking for..I don't think for one second Lee thought he could come north and whip the whole Union Army and they would surrender to him..

He knew he was outmanned and outgunned...It was a classical Lee gambling against the odds which he had done so many times...And Gettysburg was one of those battles that could have went either way...But one cannot claim Victory unless the opposing Army has fled the battleground in order to fight another day no matter what the casualty count is...Lee was stopped there and could not sustain himself for any length of time in enemy country. Meades army would only get stronger as his would become weaker and so the decision to head back to Virgina..He could not move the AOP from it's stronghold on the fortified hills..So the importance of Cemetery Hill for whom ever controlled it..That is why I also believe that this hill was infact Lee's objective for the 3 days of battle once he made it to the Seminary and studied the ground in his front..He saw  from there the advantage that the hill had over the whole battlefield..Hence his orders for Ewell to take the hill on two different occasions and ordered fire placed on the hill to break up the troops who he could see rallying there..None of which came to past...But that is another whole area for debate..:)


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