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 Posted: Thu Dec 21st, 2006 02:06 am
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Johnny, Doc, et al. -

Thanks for your input. Let me take this opportunity to say that no member of this board has to state that they're not a "born-again preservationist" because of my previous post. If you're a member here then by definition you care about Civil War preservation. What I was trying to get to was the fact that I've covered all of the preservation battles in Gettysburg for over 11 years, written scores of news articles about those battles, and dozens of editorials. Many of the people who led the fight against this casino on "historic preservation" grounds never appeared in any of the previous fights - not the RR Cut, not the tower, not the fight to save Camp Letterman, not the VC fight, not the fight against housing developments with hundreds of homes, not the fight to save the Lady Farm, and not the fights against massive commercial complex's much larger than the proposed casino. Where were they? My contention is that they are not preservationists at all, but rather ideaological zealots with objections other than preservation who used a legitimate cause which they didn't care about to advance their agenda. If one believes gambling is bad due to religious beliefs, that's fine. Fight it on those grounds in the churches. If one is against it for moral reasons, fine. Fight it wherever it is one fights things on moral grounds. But don't latch onto the teat of "preservation" when you really don't care about it at all.

Johnny, you say "Gettysburg does not need the casino to attract visitors..Believe me when I tell you try going there from June to October and you will see there is not a want for more people there...The town is flocking with tourist in abundance who are learning about History and the focus is on History". But put yourself in the shoes of a business owner in Gettysburg. Would you be satisfied having customers 5 months out of the year? Have you been to GB in the off-season, or after 9pm anytime? It's a ghost town. I lived 90 miles away for 40 years, visited the field hundreds of times, and talked in-depth to "townies" and "tourists" alike. I can honestly say that there's much animosity in the town because the rest of the nation feels they should be able to dicatate how the entire township is run. Yes, the, Gettysburg battlefield is sacred. Yes, other parts of the town where the battle raged are historically significant. The land the casino was to be built on was not.

I also notice that we have two posts, one claiming folks are spending food and rent money in casino's, and another claiming they're playgrounds for the wealthy. Which is it? Or, is it just that people of all economic levels visit casino's? And what does that have to do with preservation?

Since I see I'm writing a book here, I'll close by saying I understand all the objections, and I respect the opions expressed. I just wish people didn't toss around the "preservation" label so casually, and wanted to make it clear that I wasn't talking about the people here. There are plenty of fights coming in the future when it will actually apply. We should save it for those.

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