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 Posted: Thu Dec 21st, 2006 02:27 am
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My opinion on casinos has nothing to do with Gettysburg or other historical area. I see your point regarding local business people and the lack of traffic during the quote "off season". But I truly believe that their delusioned if they feel that casinos would be the "golden calf". Sure, restaurants, gas stations, etc. would benefit but don't think the mom/pop grocery store, pharmacy, hard ware would see any significant increase in revenue. However, if you're in the pawn business, well, start thinking about that vacation beach house. Walk in any casino in Miss/La to see what class of individual predominates (not trying to stereotype). I don't understand why casino gambling wasn't put on a ballot. Instead of courting casinos why doesn't the township attempt to attract other industries - manufacturing, high tech, etc.. My final comment is - are West Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi better off with gambling? Also your point about certain individuals waiting till after the decision to b---h and moan is well taken, where were we when the debates began. I plead quilty.

Doc C

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