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 Posted: Thu Dec 21st, 2006 03:21 am
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Johnny Huma
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I understand your point. Have you ever tried driving around the square at 2 o'clock in the afternoon in July...:) I am sure you have...Imagine casino traffic added to that and the Burg would come to a standstill..I agree the town rolls up after 9 PM and the Ghost walking tours are lingering about till about 10.00 PM..I also have talked to shop owners there (and by the way there is a pawn shop there if you hit the back streets)

some pro some con. Some are afraid it will turn into a 24/7 town never sleeping..Imagine what that would do to the people who live there and have to work there as the tourist are frolicking outside their windows. Imagine the sirens of the local Police going off at all hours of the night..

The Pro folks I talked to say more business, more money, more jobs...Looks good on paper but when it actually becomes reality they will view it in a different manner I am sure..

I realize you are not pointing fingers at anyone on the site..For myself I am a member of the CWPT and voiced my opinion by sending letters to the PA gaming commission

and our "Beloved" Govnur'...And you are right we all think we know what is best for Gettysburg based on our own expierences there...And I am sure like you say there are those who use the preservationist angle for thier own reasons..And I dont like those types either..

BTW the back street pawn shop is across the tracks from the Lincoln Train Station...

It looks like a flea market but they will pawn whatever you want to pawn there...:)


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