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 Posted: Thu Dec 21st, 2006 02:46 pm
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Johnny Huma wrote: Now walk the field and put yourself if Lee's boots...
But Lee never had the chance to walk the field on Cemetery Ridge ;) Which brings us to an interesting line of thought...

Probably 99% of us know the field better than Lee and his generals. They were all working in the densest 'fog of war' - unfamiliar terrain in enemy territory. Seldom did they know what's over the next rise or beyond the tree line.

From our 21st century vantage point we've all seen the battlefield in air-conditioned, well-fed comfort from the left, the right and from up above. In an hour, we can a travel distances that took them 3 days to march. Civil war generals knew only what their scouts could tell them and it was usually jumbled, inaccurate, contradictory and second-hand.

Perhaps some Jedadiah was updating maps the first time through Gettysburg a week before, but Gettysburg, to them, was the pretty much the same, and, as important, as Fairfield or Mummasburg. We've seen Little Round Top, Culp's and Cemetery Hills; Lee, Ewell and Longstreet never did...




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