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 Posted: Fri Dec 22nd, 2006 03:12 am
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Yes we realize that was what you were talking about. Again I can understand the schools stance on this issue..Not saying it is right but like I said before people view it as the one wearing it on a piece of garment or likewise is himself in rebellion or is rebelous and one who does not conform..The school is trying to nip it in the bud since it must also view it as a hate symbol used by the KKK..

If in fact you are wearing it for that reason then dont do it...

If you are wearing it because you enjoy Civil War History then make your teachers aware of why you were wearing it..Ask your History teacher to help you organize a Civil War awareness week..Tell them it could really be a great study tool having students in the class select a Civil War figure and studying up on that person and what they accomplished or what scandels they were about..What battles they fought in..How they died..Give each student a month to research their character and then have a Civil War Ball...A party in the Gym with these Characters (STUDENTS AND TEACHERS ALIKE) coming in to the dance in some kind of period dresss that does not cost a fortune. You can buy CD's with Civil War Music on them and even if you all dont know how they danced back then just give it a go of anything...After all it is about educating the young people on the Civil War and most of these students will never read anything on it at all or in any depth...During the get together in the Gym...Have everyone announce who they are and what they did and where they fought and any knowledge they have learned in thier research..Have fun with it...

After all of this start a Civil War study group dedicated to the learning of Civil War History for all students who wish to participate..Have debates over the issues of that time period. You are only limited to your imaginations...

All will come out ahead..Teachers and students alike....And as I said before some may even change their minds about how they view the flag...If you are confronted with this "That is a rebel flag and it will only promote rebellion"...That may be true...

But remind your teachers that our American Flag was also a flag of Rebellion..

Dont forget to make sure your teachers play a major roll in what is happening.

See where History can take you....



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