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 Posted: Sat Dec 23rd, 2006 03:22 am
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HI!!  I am a new member to this site.  My sister is Regina and she is a member.  I just wanted to post a question that maybe someone would be able to help us with.  Regina took a photo at Oak Ridge at the Gettysburgh NP and there is a definite "ghost" in the picture.  She even enlarged it and you can make out a civil war soldier very clearly.  I have showed it to many people and now I need to find a way to show it to a historian or someone that would be interested.  I tried to email Mark Nesbitt from Gettysburgh who writes books on the "ghosts of Gettysburgh" but my email doesn't seem to go through.  I just sent an email to the Gettysburgh National Park Visitor center website and hope to hear from them.  Any other suggestions?

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