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 Posted: Sat Dec 23rd, 2006 05:31 am
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JDC Duncan


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22 December 2006

Harriett, Texas

I grew up in Northeastern Oklahoma, a few miles from the Cabin Creek Battlesite.  My mother's family if from Arkansas, and I cannot remember the first time I was taken to the family cemetery and shown the gravestone of my mother's great-grandfather's father, a man named David James Wilson, who served as a blacksmith with the 53rd Alabama Cavalry (Partisan Rangers). 

 Later, I discovered that his brother Frank had ended up in the 23rd Alabama Infantry, attached to the ANV and sent to Virginia in the last days of the War.  Frank was captured and died at Camp Douglas.  It was not known by his family at the time where he had been laid to rest.  By chance, not long ago, I ran across a man who had done extensive work on the 23rd, and found out that Frank was buried at Oakwood, near Chicago, and that his name appears on the memorial at the Confederate Mound.

A third brother, Harris, served with the 1st Alabama Infantry, and survived the War.

I now live in Tom Green County, Texas (named for Confederate General Tom Green) and am not far from the Dove Creek Battlesite.

It is not so much being 'interested' in the War, as it is that the War surrounds me. It affected my family.  I have been moved to tears when I discover just one more fact about these men.  I have walked the battlesites, touched the ground they touched, laid my hands upon their graves.  They are not 'historical figures' to me, they are flesh and blood; my flesh and blood.

I cannot imagine a day passing when I do not think of them.

JDC Duncan


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