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 Posted: Sun Dec 24th, 2006 12:32 am
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Hi Sharon, Hi all !!   About the photo--This past October, having a 3-day weekend for Columbus Day, I took my nephew to Gettysburg.  He wanted to see the battlefield since he was at my house one day when I was watching the movie "Gettysburg".  More than anything, he wanted to see cannons, so Sunday morning at about 9:00, I bought breakfast for both of us and drove up to the Peace Light Memorial for a "picnic".  It was nice out--jacket weather--and we had the place to ourselves.  He ran around the cannons as I sipped coffee and took some pictures for him.  Something showed up on one of the photos (taken with one of those throw-away cameras) that's hard to describe except to say it's like a little gray cloudy spot.  I knew for sure there was nothing there when I took the pictures and never had anything like it show up on a picture before.  I looked at it with a magnifying glass and I swear it is the exact likeness of a Confederate soldier with a rifle, running.  I have never believed in "ghosts", but everyone who sees the picture is fascinated.  Sadly, I don't have a scanner to put the picture on the internet, and I'm not sure if my sister has one, either.  I have copied the photo, and enlarged it, and she has copies.  If she can, I'm sure she will get it online somehow.  I also had something else happen to me near that area of the battlefield.  I stayed at an inn on the battlefield this past July 1, 2, and 3.  The inn is across the street from Iverson's Pit and I was walking around the night of July 1 at about 10:30 pm because in a book I was reading that day by James McPherson ("Hallowed Ground" I think it was called), mentioned that people have seen ghosts.  I'm a true skeptic but I walked around admiring the battlefield at night with thousands of fireflies when I felt air that was so cold I would describe it as "arctic" just around my legs.  I stopped, stunned, and felt no breeze at all--the air was still, and obviously, very warm.  Then the icy air went around my arm.  I didn't like what was happening because I was alone so I went into the inn and started to get ready to sleep.  For no reason my nose started bleeding--something I've never had happen before in my life--I had not sneezed or bumped it--nothing to explain it.  For weeks afterward other strange things happened whenever I was near electrical things and a man's muffled voice came out of my stereo speaker right when I was telling a friend about what had happened that night on the battlefield--she also heard the voice--it made the noise 3 times--and the stereo was "off".  Anyway, I'm not sure what I think about all this, actually I don't really think of it too often. 

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