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 Posted: Sun Dec 24th, 2006 01:19 am
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First get rid of the TV set..:)...Some 3 years ago we were in Gettysburg on a ghost walking tour when the guide had pointed to an area on the street with her emf meter saying there was a lot of activity there..Like everyone else I took pictures but really did not look at them till we were home the next day. On one of the pictures was a distored ungodly looking creature and also orbs all around it..I sent it by e-mail to the people we were in the Burg with that evening asking what in the heck they thought that was...We were all awe struck by it. So clear so unhuman looking...

My niece studing the picture said dont look at the ugly thing look down lower on the steps of the building...She said I see a Union soldier sitting on the steps..As I studied the picture furter I could in fact see the outline and some detail of what looked like a Union Soldier sitting on the steps...We went back down and studied the area..The ungodly looking creature was acutally the sign of Dinos pizza somewhat distorted and we all had a good laugh...But the soldier we could not explain away...

Another time I was at the Burg one of my other nieces was taking pictures all over the place hoping to catch something with her new camera..Well she never did get anything but.....While trying to take a picture of the Culps Farm the camera would not work at all...This camera was working all day...soon as we got about a block away from the farm it started working again...We were on  a horse carriage ride at the time. After the ride we went back and pulled right up in the driveway with me on the camera button this time..The camera refused to work again and again...We drove away and again a block away the camera worked fine again...Just a little wierd...

You may have captured something there would love to see it...But Get rid of the TV set..:)



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