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 Posted: Sun Dec 24th, 2006 02:49 am
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I am just getting caught up on this discussion.

Widow Wheeler:  Thank you, ma'am, for your insightful and informative information on Virginia, as well as the other fine posts I've read from you, and I'll overlook your slander against the Great State of Texas out of respect for your station.

Longstreet :  When I was up there, we said there's only two sports in Arkansas - Razorback football and hatin' Texas.  (Now that I'm down here, I've realized this - Texas don't care.)(Go Hogs, Beat Wisconsin !)

Daddy always said the South was in your Heart.

Out here's a wonderful mix of southwestern desert-like landscapes and small towns with Southern people and values.  I've lived all over the South and Out West, and I sure love it.

And yes, ma'am, Texans are arrogant.  That's cause we know we're better'n everybody else.


JDC Duncan (a.k.a Mr. Way-Too-Proud-of-Texas-Guy)


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