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 Posted: Sun Dec 24th, 2006 03:40 pm
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Johnny Huma
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I have to argree with you that I think the Book Last Chance for Victory could pass for what some folks consider a lost cause theory. I myself hate the words "Lost Cause". I think any book written on the South's reasons for entering and eventually losing the war can be classed as a "Lost Cause" book. They infact did lose. So anything relating to why and how they lost is actually a study of why and how they lost. If the Union would have lost the war we would still have books that would have the "Lost Cause Theory" but instead the names would appear to ring with Union Generals Names.  I do not subscribe to the facts that books that are written about the who's and why's of the South and the Southern Army are to be put in a class of "Lost Cause" books because we could class all of them as such on the basis of "The South Lost. I believe it is more of the study of why the South lost the war Economics, Manpower, and yes I will say it..Outgunned...These are facts not excuses as to the destruction of a "Cause" the South believed in. But there are people who like to class anything they read on a book regarding the why's and when's and reasons the south lost as a "Lost Cause Book". That will never change. I do not class any of the books I read on the Civil War one way or the other. I read them with the intentions of learning something from them not to classify them. To the response of "Would taking Little Round Top made a difference" I myself think not..I do not believe it was that important as a geographical place to control the field. Even if the Rebs took it I doubt they could have over run the left flank at that position. And as the book states it was not even in Lee's plans to take the hill..Lee's plan was to turn the flank and Sickles ended up there on the flank..Lee wanted the attack up the Emmittsburg Road to open opportunites up down the line knowing Meade would have to use troops he did not want to use to shure up his left flank.

I think people that like to point the finger at "The Lost Cause Theory" are saying "Oh yea now were going to make excuses up why the South lost and should have won" and that is what irks me the most. Instead we should all read and study and have an open mind as to the what, whens, and hows so we can understand more about The Civil War and I believe that is what this site is actually all about..:)


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