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 Posted: Tue Nov 1st, 2005 06:24 pm
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This is a very interesting topic and I'm not sure I mentioned this in another post (so please forgive me if I'm rehashing again) but my editor at the paper and I were discussing an article (actually an editorial) written by one of the other writers that dealt with a newfound perspective and how she never realized how much historical stuff there is in Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania area. She was surprised ONLY after some relatives came in to town to stay and asked her to take them out to see the sights. After she experienced the town "through the eyes of a tourist" her appreciation for the area and historical significance grew by leaps and bounds.

We decided that although tourists come by the thousands each year to visit the sights - the majority of people actually living here have absolutely no idea what exists right in their own backyard. In the fall - I'm doing a feature titled "24-Hours of Hometown History" where I will be writing a diary-style article as I experience all of the major sights. We are also looking at putting together some kind of online poll to ask residents (not CW buffs or historians) but regular-everyday people IF they know what transpired at theses places. It will have multiple choice answers and I'm anxious to see the data. It's actually a bit sad as the majority of the people I know have no clue about the Revolution or Civil War events that took place here. They know there's some battlefields and museums and George Washington grew up here - but that is about it.

Also (while I'm posting long-winded stuff) a perfect example of the rapid decline in interest (especially among the "Playstation, MTV-driven youths of today) is my son (14) who was supposed to go to Gettysburg with my father and I in a month to do a 3-day research/writing/photo trip. I remember how excited I would be at his age (having being initiated as a Buff when I first went there at the age of 6), but it turns out that he could care less and he said that Gettysburg "looks like a lot of boring old-time stuff and walking." His friends agree. So - looks like me and the old man are going without him.

Oh well, more food and souvenirs for me!

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