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 Posted: Sun Dec 24th, 2006 06:58 pm
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Ms. Reginas sister,

What you described i have never seen so i thought that your "article" was very interesting.  I have always wondered if ghosts were just demons or if they were made up "people".  My mom always said that they were demons.  But at our church, which is a historical place since it was used as a hospital when sherman marched through Georigia, some weird things sometimes happen.  Sometimes while ill be sitting in our pew ill get this chill that goes through my body.  Ive never told anyone about this for fear that they might think that im crazy.  But one time someone said that there was a strange noise right next to the church.  So we walked out but it turned out that the gutter had come loose.  So we went on with our night.  But thanks for posting this "arcticle" because it gave me a thrill.


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