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 Posted: Sat Dec 30th, 2006 04:09 am
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Yes, Lowe has a very prominent California connection.

Lowe moved to L. A. in 1887 and to Pasadena in 1890. He founded the Citizens Bank of L. A., and had a massive 24,000 square foot home in Pasadena. In 1891, he and partner David McPherson incorporated a scenic RR, the Pasadena & Mt. Wilson RR. It went to the base of what was then Mt. Oak. The name of the mountain was changed to Mt. Lowe in honor of Thaddeus as you mentioned. Some folks also claim that Lowe was the first white man to the summit of the 5,603 ft. peak, where he planted an American flag. The truth of that is disputed by some, but in any event Lowe's acquaintance with Andrew McNally of map making note, insured that the mountain would carry Lowe's name.
Lowe died January 16, 1913, and is buried at Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena, California.

Regards, Dave Gorski

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