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 Posted: Tue Jan 2nd, 2007 08:10 pm
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Hi VAMike!

According to "Traveller & Company: The Horses of Gettysburg" by Blake Manger:

"In the fall of 1861 the horse was purchased by Maj. Thomas L. Brown from the son of the man who raised him. When Robert E. Lee took command of Brown's unit near Big Sewell Mountain in (west) Virginia, he saw the horse for the first time and took a fancy to him. Calling the horse "his colt", Lee always had something nice to say whenever he saw him.

"In early 1862 Lee was serving in South Carolina. At this time, the horse was being used by Brown's brother who was also serving in the Carolinas. When Lee saw the horse again, he inquired about buying him and actually borrowed him for a month to see how the two suited each other. Brown offered to give Lee the horse, but he refused and eventually bought him for the sum of $200 in February 1862."

Hope that helps...welcome to the board.

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