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 Posted: Wed Jan 3rd, 2007 03:31 pm
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I was talking to a General Lee Reenacter at Gettysburg one day and this guy is actually one of the more studied on Robert E. Lee and was in the top spot for Lee at the reenactments in the Burg when filming 3 days of destiny.  As I was conversing with him I asked him how he had come by obtaining his Horse Travler'. He informed me that the horse was in fact a race horse who he had seen run on several occasions and had offered to buy the horse from the owner. The owner would not take any money and insisted he take it as a gift. Lee again would not hear of that and the going price for a horse then would have been about 100 dollars. He infact gave the man 200 dollars because a race horse would have been worth more money. He then corrected me as to the name of the horse and said infact the horses name was Jeff Davis and that his nickname was Travler' and that it had been given to him by his staff. "General Lee this horse is a good travler" they would tell him and so the horse came to be known as Travler' How true it all is I am not sure but he seemed to be pretty well studied on Lee..

Although very professional and strickly staying in character I caught him off guard.

I asked if he would give my friend and I the honor of having an image with him.

He heartally agreed and I called for my freind to come to us..Well my friend has a bit of Polio from birth and walks with a cane and a limp..As he approached us I said to

General Lee "Thats my friend there he was wounded in the war"..He replied "Oh I am sorry Vietnam?" I replied no Suh "Chancelorsville"...He smiled knowing he was caught off guard and was a good sport of it all...




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