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 Posted: Wed Jan 3rd, 2007 04:00 pm
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Have Just finished this book.. I must say that it is enlightning and gives a great amount of detail as to what Stuart was doing and where he went with some logical reasoning for it all...The maps were great and a few more in there would have helped but I am not complaining. Well written and I would say this book was written as an informational tool as to what was going on and not to present what some like to class as a Lost Cause Theory book..One can read it and make up his own mind with the information the authors put forth which gets pretty detailed. The one thing in the whole book that brought a question to mind was that Stuart had sent information to Lee and to Richmond that the AOP was infact moveing..Richmond had the information but Lee never recieved it..I would have to think if the courrior who had the message for Lee never returned to Stuart and infact informed him  the message had been delivered that Stuart would have to assume the courrior never made it through and therefore had to know Lee never recieved the dispatch. Not sure he could have done anything at that point about it anyway as he would have been well on his trek northward. A good read and 5 star book...



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