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 Posted: Thu Jan 4th, 2007 02:32 am
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I hope you find the book useful.

We had originally considered including the entire ride, from its beginning in Virginia, and ending in Gettysburg. The problem is that much of the route is lost to modern development, and there is no way to locate some events with precision. Nobody seems to have any idea where the skirmish between Stuart and the men of Scott's 900 occurred near Fairfax, as just one example, and it's quite likely that the actual spot is probably a a parking lot of some suburban sprawl shopping center. Nobody knows precisely where Stuart captured the wagon train at Rockville, either, and Rockville is now nothing but suburban sprawl. We also can't get across the Potomac at Rowser's Ford, and it was just too hard to try to map out a route to drive.

Consequently we start and end in Gettysburg, with a trip to Westminster and then on to Hanover, York, Carlisle, and finally Hunterstown before arriving in Gettysburg.

Fear not--even with the abbreviated tour, there's still plenty to see. :D



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